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Powerful Inspirational and business quotes by Ugochukwu Omeogu



Ugochukwu Omeogu

We once had a special session with Ugochukwu Omeogu and put together some powerful inspirational and business quotes he shared with us.

Here is the powerful inspirational and business quotes;

  1. Make value your best friend
  2. It’s a financial sin to spend the money you made on sweat.
  3. Wealth creation is a journey
  4. Nothing can stop any man or woman who I willing to learn
  5. Everything you need has to be given to you by God
  6. You don’t get what you desire but you get what you create
  7. Whatever you desire you have to learn to create
  8. You have what it takes but you don’t know how to create and go about it
  9. God is infinite, what is finite is your mind
  10. Anything that is physical is obsolete
  11. You have the capacity to create and the capacity to create is given by God
  12. Thought is the content of your awareness
  13. Learning increases the accuracy of your utterances
  14. Assumption is lowest level of knowledge
  15. Inspiration is the highest level of knowledge
  16. To manifest it, research comes in
  17. Value would always return to the source
  18. Business are platforms for expression of value
  19. You teach the ignorant, you advise the wise
  20. Study to learn, practice before you teach.

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21. You must create before you speak, the root meaning of create is to select and feed in a formative process, create means arrange mentally. At the root of creation is called sequency, everything needs to be in sequence.

22. The essence of speaking is to amplify what already exists.

23. Business dont fail, people fail

24. Create proceeds speaking before you speak proceeds.

25. Create and arrange your thoughts.

26. Prospect is to find out the quality of something

27. Powerful doesnt mean useful


28. Because of fear of loss they dont make decisions, loss creates a lo of emotional trauma than gain.

29. People dont really want money, they want solution.

30. When the foundation is wrong, the outcome would be wrong.

31. Produce result that can raise the dead

32. Process people first before bringing them in

33. Multi-level marketing is not a business but a payment system

34. To move people you need the skill of leadership, firstly you do observation, from observation is philosophy like having an idea .

35. Understand the science of the product because knowledge is necessary and you must have knowledge in the product.

36. One way of communicating value is usefulness.


37. Build in the dark before you perform in the light.

38. Renew means something new

39. Greatest skill you need to have as a business person is a selling skill.

40. Sell ideas to get commitment

41. Learn to speak people’s heart and mind in communication

42. Your network is where your bringing people for a build up.

43. Learning increases the accuracy of your prediction, if there is no learning there would be wild guesses.

44. In network marketing you attract people by inspiration

45. Leadership is an act of influencing human behaviour to achieve a set goal.


46. By training you equip the people to get the work done and perform the task, training makes your awareness to be expanded and without training you messed up the vision and inspiration.

47. Skills is the means to express substance

48. Make sure you learn the business

49. The prove of your wisdom is your result

50. Think before you talk is prudent

51. If a man is uncomfortable where he is, he would seek knowledge.

52. You can create a system anywhere you go

53. You retain what you learn when you teach someone

54. Knowledge is what create outcome


55. What you resist, persist

56. Practice before you teach

57. Two ways to get the business done is through linear and exponential approach

58. By competence you duplicate result and by leadership you multiply result

59. When the mind has formed the habit it is difficult to break it.

60. Loyalty is to dream and commitment is to the system

61. Networking is bringing people to build

62. You must have a vision and mission statement.

63. There is going to be a resistance force when a new vision idea arises


64. Build people and have system that are consistent

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