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Nine ways to deal with stress



Nine ways to deal with stress

Responding to a demanding situation is stress, when a stressful situation is over your body comes off high alert and returns to normal.

Here are nine ways on how to deal with stress;
1. Live one day at a time and never be anxious about the next day cause it has its own anxieties.

2. Dont be a perfectionist, set reasonable standards and not unrealistically high standards.

3. Avoid and know what stresses you, negative thoughts can affect your thinking so try to stay calm.

4. Try to maintain order in life and be orderly, you can make a practical schedule and stick to it. Also identify and correct any attitude that makes you procrastinate.

5.Pursue a balanced lifestyle, make time to relax to relieve stress and avoid work after working hours.

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6. Take care of yourself by doing physical training, doing regular exercises that promotes better health and avoid harmful situations like alcohol and drugs.

7. Set and carefully consider your priorities by making sure of doing what’s more important. You can schedule and take short breaks too.


8. Get Support, ask for help by delegating task in your work environment. You can also talk things over with an understanding person who can help you see things differently.

9. Care for spiritual need by reading spiritually uplifting things, prayer and wholesome meditation can result in deep inner peace.

Also learn to forgive, it gives you inner peace.

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