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The story of Obie Community Culture and Alikiri Dance



The story of Obie Community Culture and Alikiri Dance

It was a sunny afternoon when we arrived Obie community for Alikiri dance day festival which happens every 1st of January every year in the community.

Obie Community is under the local government in Ogba-Egbema Ndoni Local government of Rivers State.

When we got to the community and where the Alikiri dance day festival was to take place, we were welcomed with warm hands and offered special new year meal as none of us has eaten any special meal for the new year ????

Getting ready to capture beautiful moments for the Alikiri dance day festival, we witnessed people both young and old in the community step into the venue with different attires to celebrate the new year and the dance day festival.

When we spoke with some elders they told us a lot of things about Obie Community, the culture and how different people from other communities join them in the Alikiri dance day special celebration.

One thing we observed was that everybody came together, there was no special seat or class for anybody in this occasion. It was a celebration for everyone both children and adult.

The people did not fail to represent their culture and that made it look more beautiful, they were in their native attire with nice shoes to match. It was more like a serious business and a very important occasion for the year so you would have to step out in your best look.

We captured and watched the drummers play for men, women and children dance, spoke to some of the elders in the community and learnt some interesting things about Obie Community and Alikiri. One thing we learnt is that Alikiri has been on for a very long time as one of the elders said, “it is as old as man we can’t even say how old” and it would continue to exist for many more years.

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After capturing, watching and learning we packed our belongings and stepped out of the community with excitement ???? oh one of our colleague was given coconut as a special package ????

With this little summarized gist would you want to attend Alikiri dance or visit Obie community????

One more thing they have very sweet dry groundnut too ????

Watch the video and learn something interesting from Obie Community and the Alikiri dance.

Refresh later for more photos…
The story of Obie Community Culture and Alikiri Dance
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