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Nigerian Queen 2022: Highlights, Sweet moments, challenges and more



Nigerian Queen 2022: Highlights, Sweet moments, challenges and more

There were Highlights, Sweet moments, challenges and a lot of things that you might have not seen at Nigerian Queen pageant.

Honestly we still haven’t gotten over some of the unique moments and we were also excited to be part of the journey in crowning the Nigerian Queen 2022. So we decided to talk about the Highlights, sweet moments, challenges and others.


The road to the Nigerian Queen was a process, check the Nigerian Queen YouTube Channel to see how the selection process began. From the selection, 40 ladies qualified to compete for the crown and they arrived in style a week to the grand finale to prepare and prove to the public why they deserve to be Nigerian Queen 2022.

After their arrival, activities and preparations started. All the ladies showcased themselves at the Preliminary show and they outdid themselves from the bikini, dinner and traditional presentation.

After the Preliminary show was the Grand Finale and the Nigerian Queen organization gave us a show despite the Challenges they faced at the grand finale.

You can watch backstage moments and other highlights on Gistalways Youtube Channel or check Gistalways Instagram page too.


The Challenges 

From the management they stated this with an apology, read below;

We were able to pull this off, despite all the frustration from the management of EUI Event Centre. In all our years of event experience, we have never been this frustrated.

Their attitude made us loose over 2000 guest who came from far and near for the 14th Nigerian Queen as we were forced to start late after they frustrated our technical set up until late Saturday afternoon. But we are most grateful to over 3000 persons that were patient till the kickoff time

Our set-up time was cut short, all our artists and host were all in Port Hacourt city on Friday afternoon for dress rehearsals but never happened until about 9 pm on Saturday which was already past the event time.

This was no where close to the original template for this year’s event. But I thank God for our team, for not allowing the challenges to kill our spirit.

It breaks our heart that we had to go through such vile treatment. We apologize to our guests who had to stand outside for hours, it wasn’t our intention but the situation was literally out of our control.

My conclusion, maybe they are not used to events that have to deal with a lot of creativity and unconventional setups, as they tried to bend us into their average standard.


Regardless, The Nigerian Queen Organization stood tall and delivered as always. In the same vein, I want to thank everyone person who came and supported the brand.


The sweet moments

Below is our sweet moments captured by us.

The preparation and preliminary

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The audience energy

The moment Ebuka was called on stage

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Nigerian Queen 2021 final walk

The Crowning moment of Nigerian Queen 2022


Well done to the Nigerian Queen team for putting up a show, we hope to see more beautiful and amazing show from the team….

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