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Why you shouldn’t hate the POS Operator in Nigeria



Why you shouldn't hate the POS Operator in Nigeria

Sometime ago we connected with a POS operator when getting cash was a struggle in Nigeria.

What is POS and who is a POS operator?

A POS (Point of Sale) machine, also known as a POS terminal or a cash register, is a hardware device that is used to process transactions in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses. POS machines are typically equipped with a card reader to accept credit and debit card payments, a cash drawer to store money, and a display screen to show the transaction details to the customer. They may also include a scanner to read barcodes, a printer to issue receipts, and software to manage inventory and sales data. POS machines streamline the process of accepting payments and help businesses keep track of their financial transactions.

POS Operators manage the POS machine, they use the machine to serve their customers or those who are in need of it.

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How POS Operators are serving Nigerians

For some time now the POS machine and Operators have been very useful in the Nigerian financial sector, because whenever the ATM machines can’t serve they come in as a back up. Infact many people feel comfortable using them because queuing up to get money from an ATM machine or going into the bank is tiring. The POS Operators take their charge for each transaction they do.

Surviving with the POS Operators in a cashless society

In the month of February when the Naira scarcity hit very hard in Nigeria and the tension became so high, almost everyone looked up to the POS Operators as going to the bank to get cash wasn’t easy but then they became an enemy as their POS charges became so high that many people hated them so much and blamed them to be the NO 1 problem and enemy.


Find out more in the video, why you shouldn’t hate the POS Operators…



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