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Business mistakes and Tips with Leadership Tips from the Expro Conference 2022 by Xandoni



Business mistakes and Tips with Leadership Tips from the Expo conference 2022 by Xandoni

We attended the Expro Conference 2022 by Xandoni Realty Limited in Port Harcourt and put together some Business mistakes and Tips with Leadership Tips.

If you are a business man or woman you need to know some of your mistakes and also know some Business and Leadership Tips from the Expro Conference 2022.

Read below;

  • You need a psychology to run your business effectively.
  • Every ideology needs a theology to prevail.
  • The predominant subconscious thoughts of your mind is what you become.
  • Everybody is important in a business.
  • Some CEOs withhold things from you just to control your life and that is also a bad leader.
  • Some religions has tantalized our emotions with certain kind of values that does not improve our lifestyle.
  • First challenge in every business is co-operation.
  • The first leader every human being must have is their believe system.
  • If you find yourself in a business that does not allow you to effectively use your potential step out of the system.
  • Leader should strive to build a positive mindset to their followers.
  • When the values and believe system is not right your business can not thrive.
  • Every leader should know how to communicate and learn to put feelings in to words cause that is the root of every sale.
  • A leader should learn to listen, your feelings determine your actions.
  • Many businesses that are big are not doing well because some CEOs are living lavishly while their staff are degraded to mediocrity.
  • Most Business have concepts, many business adopt the finite games which has known players, objective and goals while infinite games has known and unknown players, rules are interchangeable, goals is perpetuated to keep the game playing. In today’s world most businesses we have are playing finite games which is sticking to one goal and that goal is to make money. While few are playing the infinite games were the rules and goals can change anytime because sometimes you loose and sometimes you win.
  • As a business person you need a trusting team to able to grow your business to any level you want and to do this you need to understand that this people must feel important.
  • For every business to grow you need three set of people and they are the hacker, hustler and you hitstar.
  • Most important thing in every business is the core value.
  • As a business always look out for excellence.
  • A leader must have the ability to listen.
  • If you cannot lead yourself you cannot lead anybody you must have self control and also how you listen is important, some people listen to reply, it is advisable to develop the ability to listen.
  • Develop the ability to communicate.
  • Develop the ability to effectively confront situations because running business is not easy and if you don’t do that you would rise and fall. This means you have to be bold, discipline.
  • You must be able to handle feedback, how you handle it is a by-product of discipline.
  • Most business fail because they are under-capital, they can’t execute their strategies very well and they have wrong people in their business.
  • Integrity is important in a business, it means being true inside out.
  • Professionalism is important, it means balancing logic and emotion in whatever you do.
  • Excellence is striving towards perfection.
  • Innovation means doing the old things in a new way.
  • For you to be able to build a trusting team in your business you must first of all use your core value as a criteria by knowing who can fit into your business and this alone can help you build your business.
  • When you want to recruit or build trusting teams in your business, look out for values first.
  • As a leader you would be able to transfer the feelings you have or the believe system into the next person and that person should be able to absorb it and run with it.
  • When you begin to have a business and you become the kind of leader that people follow you not because you have a position or you have a title but people follow you because of what you believe.
  • To be a good leader you don’t need to have to call people to follow you, all you need is a purpose if you have a purpose it would attract the kind of people who would help you uphold the values and believe system you want to build to help your business grow.
  • It’s not about the many persons in an office or number of people you employ that is not the idea.
  • Kind of person you are determines the kind of person you attract to yourself.
  • If you want a business in this place, for leadership and team building it starts from organization.
  • If you find yourself in a business and you don’t feel like they value your opinion or your maximizing your potentials enough kindly resign because they are forcing you to compromise your standard and value for what they want.
  • If your running a business you understand that the business is not for yourself.
  • Everybody is a leader, you don’t have to be a CEO before you are called a Leader.
  • Wherever you see yourself just grow within your capabilities, develop yourself, make use of your potentials.
  • Choose values over skills, your business would prevail if you look for the value in people you bring into your business.
  • Look beyond skills and look at value, it’s not money everytime.
  • People continue to thrive if they have the sales belief.
  • You can be a good leader and a team player if your able to flow with the believe system of every business, your business must have a good believe system so that when people come in they don’t feel cheated they feel like they are grown.

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About the event

The Expro Conference is an annual event held Xandoni Real Estate company every year and this was the third edition. According to the organizers Expro was coined out of two words which was Excellence and professionalism which was they building with the conference. Business professionals and aspiring business individuals all came through to learn and network.

Watch the highlights of the Expro Conference.


See pictures from the Expro conference

Business mistakes and Tips with Leadership Tips from the Expo conference 2022 by Xandoni


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