What you need to know about Omah Lay

There are a lot of interesting things that you need to know about Omah Lay. The Afro beat singer whose real name is Omah Stanley Didia was born, brought up and grew up in Port Harcourt city. He did his primary and secondary education in Port Harcourt and went further to focus on music after his secondary education.

His love for music started from childhood days and it was greatly inspired by his dad. Omahlay never slowed down in promoting his music, people who knows Omah said he always puts his song in a CD and distributes it anywhere he goes in the streets of Port Harcourt. According to sources his career started as a teenage member of a rap group known as Lil King.
Omah  started producing before he went solo, from 2019 he started getting the attention of local Port Harcourt radio stations with his singles “Do Not Disturb” and “Hello Brother”.
By 2020 Omah got the attention of people outside Port Harcourt and Nigeria with his hit track “You” and this made him to be one of the fast rising young artist in Nigeria. It didn’t end there, infact it was a new exciting beginning for his musical career as he got to collaborate with Wizkid, Olamide and other big international stars. This also made him to be more around in Lagos state.
Also after the success of his debut EP “Get Layd” that got to number one on Apple Music, Omah Lay became the first artist featured in New Africa Rising project by Apple Music.
Omahlay started his tour in 2021 but the one that stood out was his Homecoming to his city Port Harcourt were he grew up and started his musical journey.
We were live at his Homecoming in Port Harcourt and it was nice to see him live perform his great songs alongside other artists.
Find out more in this mini Documentary we created about Omah lay.
Watch below;
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