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The journey of Chef Hilda Baci Guinness World Breaking Title



The journey of Chef Hilda Baci Guinness World Breaking Title

Hilda Baci embarked on the journey of getting Guinness World Title for longest cooking time by an individual and this journey has inspired many.

Who is Hilda Baci

Her name is Hilda Effiong Bassey, she is from Akwa Ibom state and 27 years old. She is a Chef, Presenter, Actress and food entrepreneur. She is not just a chef but the CEO of My Food by Hilda restaurant and delivery service for Africa and continental dishes in Lagos Nigeria and teaches people how to cook with her special class called “Everything And More”.

Her Career and more

Hilda Baci passion for cooking was inspired by her mother’s culinary techniques and her cooking skills led her to the world of television. She started a cooking segment “In my Kitchen” on Rave TV breakfast show and was the host of Dine on a Budget on Pop Central TV where she brought in celebrities and engaged them on various topics. She dedicated her time in her work and launched her first restaurant My Food by Hilda in 2022.

Aside from being a good cook she is also a good actress and presenter, she has featured in various movies, skits and soap operas. One of the movie titled Dream Chaser was nominated for Best Movie at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).

During the COVID-19 pandemic she provided over 3000 meals to communities and has been training students in her culinary arts, giving price and more to the best performing students in her training school.

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The journey to the Guinness World Breaking Title


Hilda’s Mother started a restaurant business  with a small canopy and chairs, with her hard work she transformed the restaurant called Calabar Pot into one of the biggest restaurant in Abuja. All of these inspired Hilda and made her so passionate about cooking.

According to Hilda, 5 years ago she had a dream and decided to make it a reality which is breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking individual. In order to achieve this cooking marathon she had to plan and come up with a team that would make her smash the record. She partnered with brands, worked on her fitness and stamina, did a dry run to prepare herself for the cooking marathon, called for a press conference and was set to break the record. Hilda’s plan was to cook for 96 hours which was four days in other to beat Lata Tondon from India who cooked for 87 hours 45 mins to get the title.

The Cooking Marathon by Hilda

Hilda Baci Guinness World Record breaking Cookathon began on the 11th of May around 4pm and ended on the 15th of May around 8pm. It was like a festival as Hilda cooked for a lot people and personality who came in from different part of the country. In order for her to get this title, she was entertained by some celebrities and fans in Nigeria. There was music, dancing and performances just to keep Hilda active and energetic. Hilda got lots of accolades and special visits from dignitaries from various sector in the country. The love was massive online, President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari and other political leaders who couldn’t make it to the venue encouraged and congratulated her online. She was entitled to 1 hour and break during the cooking session, not allowed to sleep, allowed to eat and drink. Hilda’s goal was to cook for 96 hours but ended up cooking for 100 hours 40 minutes and this made her the Guinness World Breaker for the longest cook by an individual although the Guinness World Breaker team is yet officially announce and give her the title. When she is officially announced the story would e updated.

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