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FIFA WORLD CUP 2022: The Aftermath of Brazil loss



FIFA WORLD CUP 2022: The Aftermath of Brazil loss

After Brazil lost to Croatia, Brazil manager Tite immediately stepped down as the head coach after the wildly unexpected quarterfinal World Cup elimination.


Coach Tite

For a brief moment there, Neymar’s goal in over time had the South American team on the lead.



But the last-minute Croatian goal was a massive blow for all the players, who were unable to react in due time. When the penalties were taken, their morale was completely on the ground. Tite feels getting all the players’ morale back up was his job and he couldn’t do it. Since taking over in 2016, Tite was head coach of this team for two different World Cups and got eliminated twice in quarterfinals.

Even though he won the 2019 Copa America, that was the only major trophy Tite won as Brazil’s manager and the rest were only heartbreaks. Coaching the most successful nation in World Cup history has its tolls, not everybody can withstand the pressure that comes with it. However, Tite did mention he would be stepping down from his job after the Qatar World Cup. After signing a four-year extension back in 2018, Tite did warn the Brazilian Football Federation.It’s a rough way to go but Tite wanted to honor his word.

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Tite’s dancing meme comes back to haunt him
During Brazil’s game against South Korea, the players danced after every single game and even made Tite part take in one of these dance numbers. Many memes have been created about this moment and much criticism will come after this elimination. Tite appears in the middle of a hurdle where he starts dancing just as his players when Richarlison scored a goal. Celebrating too soon can come back and bite anybody in the ass later, just as it happened to Tite and Brazil.

The Brazil Football Federation now has a complicated task to pick the next manager for Brazil. He will be the one who leads this generation of young players who will still have a 34-year-old Neymar in what will likely become the final World Cup of his career. This is Neymar’s third consecutive World Cup where he can’t get past the quarterfinals, he missed the 2010 call-up and has gone through multiple problems every time since. A bittersweet end for Neymar’s World Cup run, especially after that wonder goal he scored in extra time.


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