Bole festival wedding: How Nonso met Nenye and the most exciting moments of their union

The Bole Festival wedding 

Some of you might be wondering why we called it the Bole festival wedding 😁 well we have two reasons for calling it the Bole festival wedding and the reasons are; the groom is the creative Director of the biggest festival in the southern part of Nigeria and their wedding was like a festival cause there was lots of food and drinks by different vendors.

Nonso of Bole Festival and wife

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How Nonso and Nenye met

Chinonso and Chinenye had an interesting love story, according to Nenye she said,

“It was a perfectly timed meeting for Nonso and me. We had crossed paths many times but we never met. We attended the same church for years (still do), had our first holy communion and confirmation at the same time, his brothers and I attended the same private university and he visited them several times while I was there. He was also friends with some of my friends. Infact we once spoke to each other over the phone and via email not knowing who the other was. Apparently though he didn’t know my name, he had known me all the while but never found the right time to talk to me, which was a good thing because I was on a no relationship diet at that time and I wasn’t ready to settle down so I didn’t see the point.

Fast forward to the end of 2019, I thought about it and I told God that I “thought” that I was ready and in February the next year he met my little sister at an outing and made her bring me out to a concert so we could meet. We met and clicked so easily that we started dating a month after.

It’s been two years now and we are getting married. Still seems like yesterday that he was using Chike’s songs to chyke me and I found it both awkward and adorable. I thank God for it all, he truly listens. It’s really been a lovely two years and I anticipate an even better ever after. Cheers to the #CNNEXPERIENCE

Bole festival wedding: How Nonso met Nenye and the most exciting moments of their union

Their union was very beautiful and we shared the the most exciting and beautiful wedding moment. Watch on the channel and be entertained.

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