The Nigerian Guide on How to Get Twin Babies

Twin is two people born at the same birth by the same woman or two siblings produced from the same pregnancy.
When a set of twin have the same physical appearance, they are called identical twin. This occurs from a monoxygotic pregnancy where they are produced from one zygote. One egg is fertilized and later separates into two embryos to become siblings who look exactly alike.

When a set of twin have different physical appearance, they are called fraternal twin. This occurs from a dizygotic pregnancy where each twin develops from different eggs and are fertilized by different sperm cells.

The significance of eggs from the mother is paramount. This whole twin production is totally depending on the woman’s egg or eggs.

Some women with traces of twins in their family give birth to twins or by crystal blessing from heaven.
But this is Information Age and once an extraordinary phenomenon occurs, information is sought to demystify the occurrence.

Nigeria has again recorded a phenomenon in Igbo-Ora community in the Southwest. Igbo-Ora is proudly known as the twin capital of the world not even for Nigeria alone.
This small community in Oyo State boosts of 50 sets of twins per 1000 births which raised questions about their way of life.

However, if you really need a set of twin, here is a quick guide:

1: Pray
Before you set out on this wonderful quest that involves the Life-Giver, you have to pray. Commit your quest to God and with faith believe that you have received your heart desire which is a set of twin.

2: Visit Igbo-Ora
You can take a vacation if you’re bouyant and involve in this people’s culture especially their food for a given period to set your eggs right.

2: Consume Yam and Cassava in Large Quantity
Research carried out at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital investigating the multiple twin births points to a high level of a chemical substance found in the peelings of a particular cassava and yam tubers. This means you should be involved in eating amala, fufu and garri. You consume even the peelings of the yam and cassava to enhance the release of more eggs.

3: Consume Okro in Large Quantity
Ilasa soup is common in Igbo-Ora. This people consume a lot of amala which is made from the peelings of yam and cassava and Ilasa soup which is made from okro leaves.
The secret is very clear now.
While other parts of Nigeria consume yam and cassava, this people consume the peelings more. While others eat okro, this people enjoy the leaves.
So consume both okro and its leaves in large quantity.

4: Be Happy
Stay happy while living this new lifestyle. At first, it might prove difficult since some persons cannot imagine themselves eating that green mixture called Ilasa soup or the amala which turns out to be dark in colour yet you must eat with joy, appreciating the process because the result is overwhelming.

This guide is to be followed for at least six months before fertilization trials.

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