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Why Discipline is important to YOU and I; A short story…



Why Discipline is important to YOU and I; A short story...

I want to tell you why Discipline is important to you and i…

A few months back I decided to put myself out on the platforms I know will be of great use to me because everyone I met, chatted with, had me coached, and all talked about being consistent and showing up. 

How do I stay consistent for weeks, months, and years without a backup plan? 

So I took it and worked on it… at first [scoffs] it sounded very easy like something I could just lay my hand on and get done… easy right. That was my joke. 

I awaited the results for a few days of showing up but it didn’t come that way… it became overwhelming until I went all blank… 

I mean blank? It wasn’t funny tho but each time I remembered my plans, management, schedules and how it is now all I did was laugh it out. ?

My sis will always ask what’s so funny because I laugh weirdly. Trust me my laughter is a yes!!! ?

Well, I grew to laugh at whatever it is that bothers me out… 

Because everything was getting overwhelming I had to go on the low. I went so low and


I wasn’t showing up any longer, I wasn’t creating any content, and my podcast episodes weren’t as weekly as they used to be… I became the exact opposite of my plan. 

I tried to struggle it all [scoffs] but I kept falling and falling. Then I became more inquisitive about where I’ve been missing it all because I don’t want to be mad at myself, I want to forgive myself, I want to rise and rise. 

And how tiring could it be falling and falling without a reason so I took it upon myself and searched for what exactly is missing[low tone] 

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Now I get it!!! It was DISCIPLINE

Goodness, gracious… How could I go ahead with consistency without discipline? Yes, that was it!!! What I was missing was here.

While I was finding the missing link I found myself [another story for another day] 

Okay… The thing is without you having to discipline yourself on some vitals there is no way you will achieve what it is you want to achieve. I know you hear it a lot but I’m bringing it as one who has done it… you have to take it like that.

Believe me 


… I leant that to become successful, I need to take the right actions consistently to bring forth results over time. 

… I learnt that quitting at the 98th trial will not get the desired result. 

 I learnt that staying consistent is about being disciplined and being able to do what’s necessary even when I do not feel like it.

… I learnt that if I want to develop discipline, I must be clear on what I want to do and the area I want to build discipline. 

… I learned that I have to be specific, realistic, time-bound and measurable. 

… I learnt to write them down and not trust in my remembrance ability—- Jim Rohn said ‘don’t trust your brain. Pen it down. 

You see we live in a world of incredible and invincible distractions, you must consciously find ways to build on focus and enhance concentration.

Where does your concentration lie? Think about it. 

That right there was my strength… I found it and I’m glad I did!


Thank you so much for reading. 


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1 Comment

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