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Nigerian Stories: The battle between Indomie and Marketers



Nobody imagined or saw the price of Indomie going up to the point were most people could not afford it. This was one of the fastest and cheapest meal to prepare but it ended up being a luxury meal.

So the conversation on the prices of Indomie came up while working on the script on inflation of food prices and dollar rate affecting the sale of goods and services in Nigeria. One of the team member pointed out that Indomie have finally decided to bring down their price because of low patronage. The smallest Indomie used to be around 80 naira but it increased to 250/300 naira and the biggest size increased to 1000/1500, then buying of cooked Indomie from roadside vendor was now between the range of 1500 to 2500 naira and this used to be around 300 to 500 naira. This was a meal that mostly student or most household depended on because of how fast and easy it is to prepare.

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After the conversation we finally decided that we would interview some of the marketers, to find out if they have adjusted their price to the new price or if they are still selling at the old price.

When we finally spoke to them their response didn’t sound encouraging at all, it sounded more like there would be a battle between Indomie and the Marketers. And to tackle this supposed battle it’s would still not change the price situation as soon as possible rather it would take a very long time.

Watch to find out why and you can also share your thoughts on this too in the comment section.


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