Who is a Woman: The Women's Day message to every woman

Who is a Woman: The Women’s Day message to every woman


A Woman is a female, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother.


A soulmate, a champion, a helpmate, a prayer warrior, a cook, a laundry woman, a supporter.


A Warrior, a demon chaser, an intercessor, a spiritual shield, a worshipper.

A civil servant, a public speaker, a trainer, a business guru, an advocate.

More and much more could be said but no one can satisfactorily describe who a woman is in all ramifications and spheres of spiritual and physical existence. You can only imagine but cannot explain her source of strength. She comes home with the man at the same time, changed into a comfortable wears, proceeds to the kitchen with renewed energy, cook and serve her family instantly. Moved to the children’s room, check the homework and get it fixed via supervision, ensure they had their last bath for the night and checked on hubby for his usual tea for the night.

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We celebrate Gods grace upon every Woman, We Doff our cap for you mothers, We salute your courage at the home front and in your career.

May this day bring with it renewed strength and vigour. May you be outstanding in all you do, may you live to see your childrens children and excel in quick successions.

Happy Women’s Day

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