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20 great things that was said about Ada Ameh after her death



20 great things that was said about Ada Ameh after her death

The death of Nigerian actor Ada Ameh has touched so many because she was one actress that people enjoyed watching. Unfortunately on Sunday 17th July 2022 it was reported that she collapsed in Delta state and was later confirmed dead at a hospital in Delta.

Her death brought back memories of how she entertained a lot of viewers, despite her comedic display in most of her movies she openly talked about battling mental health which went worse after the death of her only daughter in 2020. Before the death of her daughter she has lost six siblings including her father.

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Here are 20 great things they said about her since after her death;

  • Ada Ameh was a thorough professional who devoted her years to entertaining us.
  • Ada Ameh’s death is so painful. One of My fav on The Johnsons especially when she says “a lucky lo lo” “Apor” .. she just lost a child and her now.. May God put us through our tough times.
  • A movie with aki and pawpaw is not complete without Ada Ameh as the mother.
  • Goodnight Ada Ameh, thank you for blessing our screens with your joy, love, and laughter. Rest now, Queen!
  • I met this woman once on set and she was so sweet like she had known me before. All I could think of was the grief she was experiencing, cause I had seen several videos where she spoke about her mental health. This is really sad Rest well Ada Ameh
  • From the days of Domitilla…till you passed on.. You remained true to who you were.. No airs..
  • We all enjoy her on the sitcom ‘The Johnsons’ as she made us smile while she battled so much behind the scenes in the reality of her life. May her Gentle soul find eternal rest IJN
  • Ada Ameh gave us so many beautiful memories, Good night to a Nollywood Legend, may her soul Rest In Peace
  • Ada Ameh, thank you for all the laughers and the smiles.
  • Thanks for making our childhood memories joyous, entertaining, laughable and above all, something to tell children about. May your loving and amusing soul rest in peace.
  • This woman dey always give me joy in ‘The Johnsons’
  • Ada Ameh is an example and a true role model for the girl child
  • Ada Ameh was an icon. Her works will never be forgotten in the Nigerian movie Industry.
  • You were part of the Nollywood actors that made our childhood fun.
  • She gave us the wholesome meme, not to talk about other lives she’s impacted physically and through her skills, may her soul rest in peace.

  • She was one of the finest in the Nigeria’s prolific film industry, I watch The Johnsons a lot because of her. May she Rest In Peace.
  • Ada Ameh is the lady in this viral meme,she really made our childhood fun,so sad to hear she is gone
  • Ada Ameh is the lady in this viral meme,she really made our childhood fun,so sad to hear she is gone
  • This woman Ada Ameh was a joy giver and I will always remember her for giving me a code which I’m still using today with my wife anytime we want to wongoro wongoro. God bless your soul and grant you rest.
  • The great Idoma people miss you and will always be proud of you. #RIP to a star

May her soul Rest in Peace….

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