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Junior Pope: Deputy Governor of Rivers State Leads Condolence Visit to Precious Ofurum Family, Promises Support and Action



Deputy Governor of Rivers State Ngozi Odu spearheaded a condolence visit to the grieving Precious Ofurum family. The visit, prompted by the Governor himself, aimed to offer solace and support in the wake of the tragic loss of Precious Ofurum.

Expressing the profound shock and sorrow felt by the entire state, Deputy Governor Ngozi Odu conveyed the Governor’s heartfelt condolences. “What has happened has happened,” she affirmed, emphasizing the Governor’s personal request for her presence as a gesture of unity and mourning on behalf of Rivers State.

Accompanied by representatives from Nollywood Rivers State, the Deputy Governor conveyed the collective grief of not just the government, but also civil society and the entertainment industry.

During the visit, concerns were addressed regarding the final resting place of Precious Ofurum. Initially, the family did not want the body of their son, they stated it should be left by the waterside in Asaba, Delta State. However, upon reconsideration and influenced by the actions of other states, the decision was made to repatriate Precious Ofurum’s remains to Rivers State for a proper burial.

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In a heartfelt response, Precious Ofurum father, Mr Bartholomew expressed gratitude to the Rivers State Government and Nollywood community for their unwavering support during this trying time. “The precious spirit is still crying there that he wants to go home,” the father acknowledged, underscoring the family’s desire for closure and unity.

In a show of appreciation, the brother of Precious Ofurum also thanked the Governor for his compassion and assistance to the family. The proactive steps taken by the government, including the swift action led by the Deputy Governor, were lauded as exemplary by all present.

As plans are made to repatriate Precious Ofurum’s body to Rivers State, the community remains grateful for the government’s responsiveness and commitment to providing solace and assistance to the bereaved family. The Deputy Governor’s visit stands as a testament to the solidarity and compassion that unite Rivers State in times of sorrow.


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1 Comment

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