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The Taxi Drivers Who Have Refused to Increase Transport Fare in Port Harcourt



Following the report of adulterated fuel in the country, fuel scarcity hit Abuja to the extent Valentine’s Day was spent on the roads, streets and fuel stations in Abuja. People walking long distances to their homes, others were scouring for fuel to buy from anywhere and many vehicles were abandoned on the expressway.

From Abuja, it crept to other states, now it hits hard in oil rich states. Five days ago, Nigeria had hoped on NNPC’s strategic restocking to deliver billions of litres of petrol yet the on-going fuel scarcity is turning out to be the longest in Nigeria’s history. If on February 15, a litre of fuel sold for 1000, then we are looking at the price hiking to 2000 per litre this week.

Many have once again blamed bad leadership for the plague, calling out their failure to carry out the needed thorough inspection on every product imported into the country especially petrol which is a prominent natural resource.

Of course the price of every commodity has increased due to the high cost of transportation thereby shooting hardship up in the country.

Port Harcourt began feeling the wild hotness of it on last week Wednesday when drivers increased fare prices. Occupants of Rivers State began to lament too since nothing can save them and kpo fire has been banned, distances that 50 naira used to take care of are now being settled with 150 naira.

Transport fare has doubled or tripled in all routes even bolt drivers scarcely put on their Air Conditioners for their passengers because everyone is trying manage their fuel.

Consequently, at Rumuosi by Ozuoba junction where people take taxis into Rumuosi Community or to the other Rumuosi junction at the East-West road, the taxi drivers have refused to increase their prices.

The fuel scarcity is on but the taxi drivers had a meeting and decided that instead of increasing fare for the distance from 50 naira to 100 naira, they will rather carry four passengers at the back instead of three.

One of them commented that they are not as heartless as the government so they have to agree to help humanity in this way. They also apologise to people for the inconvenience while praying that the fuel scarcity ends soon. However, passengers have been grateful for their wise decision and have not stopped speaking about their kind effort in Nigeria’s fuel scarcity 2022.

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1 Comment

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    February 21, 2022 at 12:23 pm

    Thank you so much for the information but we’re is this country going to

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