#AMVCA8: Exciting and Unforgettable moments from the Africa Magic Viewers Choice award

#AMVCA8: Exciting and Unforgettable moments from the Africa Magic Viewers Choice award

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award has come and gone but there are moments that most of us cant forget easily. Lets give you the gist….

It was a very long and exciting week for creators in Africa and Nigeria as this year Africa Magic Viewers Choice award took the award ceremony to a different level which was exceptional and on point. The celebration kicked off with an opening gala from the beginning of the week, Digital Content Creator Brunch, Cultural event, Runway show, nominees gala nite and then the award ceremony.

Talking about the award ceremony, it was a colourful and entertaining event, the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award night started with a red carpet competition. Stars and guest for the night were expected to be at the red carpet and showcase their various lovely outfit and the best was awarded and given a price and this was one of the major highlight for the night. The show was hosted by media personality Ik Osakioduwa and  Bonang Matheba from South Africa.

Watch red carpet moments


Aside from the red carpet there were some exciting and unforgettable moments that cant be easily forgotten. Here are the big moments;

The moment the host IK and actor Deyemi recreated the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar clash.


Another moment that got our attention was when fashion designer Toyin Lawani stepped out with Actor Jide kosoko to present an award in her animal costume outfit which got people talking.

Check out the outfit


Comedian Sabinus big win

We were more than excited when called Sabinus name for the best Social media online content creator which was newly introduced this year. His growth is really inspiring.

Watch the moment and a video we took of him many years ago when he started the comedy journey

The Lagbaja and Rema performance

It was exciting to see Lagbaja on stage after so many years, AMVCA reminded us of the konkonbilo days and he did an awesome performance with Rema starting the performance and then Lagbaja took over. We love what AMVCA did and the combination.


Actor Stan Nze big win and Osas win

Both actors featured in the same movie and it was so exciting and emotional when the took their award.


The Kingdom and Akunna performance for our lost talented entertainers


The show ended with an electrifying performance by the koko master D banj and it was a very unique way to end the show.


It was a very unique event and honestly we cant wait for next year’s AMVCA….

You can share your favourite moments in the comment section.


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