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Nollywood Rivers State seeks for a film village to honour crew member that died with Junior Pope



Nollywood Rivers State seeks for a film village to honour crew member that died with Junior Pope

The Nollywood Rivers State community and family of Late Precious Ofurum finally buried their son and crew member in his home town Ubima, Rivers State.

Precious Ofurum was a sound engineer and one of the crew member that died alongside Actor Junior Pope and other crew members in a boat accident at River Niger, Anambra while going for a shoot in Asaba for Adanma Luke Movie Production titled “The Other Side of Life”. The sad incident happened on the 10th of April 2024.

The Nollywood Rivers State community had a big role to play in bringing Precious Ofurum body back to Rivers State, he was actually buried by the River Bank but after intervention of Nollywood and Rivers State government Late Precious corpse was brought back safely to his hometown for a proper burial which was on the 30th of April 2024.

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After Rivers State Government fulfilled their promise of bringing Precious back home and taking care of the entire burial activities the Conveyer of the new Nollywood movement Mr Eric Stephson told SSA on Administrative matters to the government, Madam Doris who represented Governor Sim Fubara and Deputy Governor Ngozi Odu that they are very grateful and thankful on the swift response by the Rivers State government. He said that the government should not forget the family as Late Precious was like a breadwinner to the family and pleaded that the family should be supported just like the way they did for the burial activities. He assured the family that the Rivers State Nollywood would still stand by them.

Mr Eric Stephson also thanked the people of Ubima for welcoming them with open hands and assisting them in all activities which made the burial process a success. He further stated that to immortalize Precious a film village should be created in Ubima community and a guild should also be established. He went on by stating no fake representatives of Nollywood should be allowed into River State Government house and emphasized that they are the original Nollywood Rivers State community.

Madam Doris wished the Ofurum family well and encouraged them that the Lord would comfort them, she advised that they should make use of what Precious has done and also thank his colleagues for showing up and supporting them in this grieving moment. She assured the Nollywood community that she would deliver their request to the Rivers State Government.

All funds raised and support was given to the Ofurum family with the aid of the Nollywood community.

Nollywood Rivers State seeks for a film village to honour crew member that died with Junior Pope

Nollywood Rivers State seeks for a film village to honour Late crew member in Rivers State

Watch the entire burial process and how Late Precious Ofurum was laid to rest.



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