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15 things that were said about the fake Bishops at the APC event



15 things that were said about the fake Bishops at the APC event

The fake Bishops that attended the All Progressive Congress (APC) Vice Presidential candidate Shettima has brought a lot of mixed reactions, this came after Christian leaders had opposed the nomination of the former governor of Borno State as Tinubu’s running mate because both of them are Muslims. Due to this some fake Bishops came to the event claiming support at the unveiling.

Here is what people had to say about the fake Bishops

  • Look the APC hired Bishops putting on their regalia at the Car park just before event.. Why is Bola Tinubu mocking Christianity in this manner? What has Christians done to deserve Blasphemy? May APC never happen to Nigeria again!
  • Even as a Muslim, I know that a married woman cannot become a bishop.. What APC did is blasphemy..
  • How are we even sure that those robes adorned by the fake bishops yesterday are not robes from kidnapped and or killed priests and clergymen.
  • CAN should sue the Presidential Candidate of the APC Bola Ahmed Tinubu, & his running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima, for renting “Unknown Bishops” to desecrate the church. No Christian will do this to the Muslim Ummah. It is an abomination.
  • I know of God fearing Bishops. But those ones that attended Shettima’s Unveiling, Na God Dey Fear Them Walai. God No Go Shame Us Las Las.

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  • If you can rent a fake Bishop, you can also rent a fake Igbo man. One thing is certain, your intention is not pure.
  • The VP is a Pastor……Tinubu’s wife is a Pastor. Tunde Bakare is a Pastor. All APC members………yet they felt the need to hire fake Bishops? Bakare & Osinbajo couldn’t show up with their Pastor friends?
  • When Dangerous People do things that look stupid, you have to look deeper. Yesterday was not really about the impression that Bishops support Tinubu. BAT has given up on Southern votes outside of his hardcore SW following. The Bishop charade was actually a message to the North
  • So even though Nigeria has collapsed, there is no sanction or noise from the so called Nigerians that Tinubu & his Islamic party hired mechanics & Agboros, dressed them like bishops & clergymen to attend their event just to deceive viewers that Christians were in attendance?
  • Tinubu’s media team said those hired thugs disguised as bishops yesterday were upcoming bishops building their missions, one of them even wore cassock outside mass. Does APC think everyone is stupid? Why are they bent on burning this country down?
  • Thank God for Social Media, because if it was those early 2000s, Cyril Stober and Eugenia Abu would have appeared on NTA by 9pm to narrate how Bishops across the country came to show support for Tinubu and Shettima. Those were dark times
  • A Tinubu presidency will be enormously propaganda-driven. They proved it again. Hiring all sorts of clowns to pose as bishops is a sneak peek into the future. It’s gonna be a govt of propaganda, by propagandists, for the unsuspecting.
  • Dear Nigerians on social media So Tinubu campaign team gave you all an assignment yesterday by bringing “fake” bishops and directing your conversation away from the religious exclusion the Muslim-Muslim ticket is. What are you going to give them to talk about today?
  • They mocked the prophets of God by bringing imposters to act as Bishops and priests…. This is Blasphemy, an atrocity, monstrosity, alu, an abomination, a mockery of the Christian faith….
  • Fake Bishops. Fake Certificate. Fake Primary School. Fake U.S Drug Clearance. BATists, is there anything REAL about your father, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu?
  • APC is fielding a Muslim-Muslim ticket but went to rent fake Bishops. What sort of ridicule is this? What message do they think this will send?
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