A Rare Photo of Sabinus you will Love to See

The young man fondly known as Sabinus, Mr. Funny, Investor Sabinus, Mumu Man, is 27 years old. His real name is Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, his birthday is January 30 1995. He is an illustrious Ikwerre son, born and well-bred in Port Harcourt, that is to say that Investor Sabinus is a Port Harcourt boy.

Mr. Funny is a comedian with a powerful force. A knucklehead that has got the whole world laughing hard since he was born, he became very popular towards the end of 2020, although he has been creating his skits since his university school days. He studied Linguistics and Communication in The University of Port Harcourt where he met very notable friends who testifies that he is a very humble, free-hearted and funny creature.

This is a picture of him in school, taking a lovely selfie with his coursemates.

Sabinus Mr Funny


Looking at him alone just makes people laugh with his black tie, blue shirt on black trouser, what thrills people most is his sober and pitiful facial expression after his glorious stupidity in his skits.

The Ikwerre son has been a funky human who made his classmates laugh in secondary school by mimicking their teachers. He is a jolly good fellow who has got millions of followers on his social media handles. His first comedy concert in Port Harcourt in late 2021 shook the whole city. People throw him a round of massive applause all the time for making good comedy without being vulgar or immoral.

Sabinus Mr Funny with MC Monica

Recently, Sabinus has just bought a car for his bosom friend, MC Monica, the whole world is amazed by this show of kindness. Sabinus still relates with his friends and others freely no matter his fast shoot to stardom and success.

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