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The Lingering Implications of Wike’s Ban on Port Harcourt Night Clubs



At the break of the new year, the Governor of Rivers State, Nyeson Ezenwo Wike placed an immediate ban on night clubs in Port Harcourt. These night clubs birthed so many moral decadence acts in Rivers State, prostitution especially. The governor swept them away at once not minding the economic value attached to them. Rivers State usually expect swift actions like this from the governor as he does not look back showing his supremacy when it comes to passing orders. He had once demolished a hotel because they did not follow covid19 guidelines, also terminated people’s businesses for his flyovers so what is immorality that he cannot ban right away.
As usual, people are watching yet days are turning into weeks and weeks are running into months and just like that, ashawo has left Port Harcourt.
Security personnel keep close watch around Abacha Road and that particular ungodly spot in GRA where Casablanca and other night clubs stood gallant should any unscrupulous individual surface to disobey the governor.
Implications arising are:
This is no ordinary act, the prayers of the children of God are not in vain. Life is spiritual and one can tell that Rivers State is the aboard of marine spirits but glory to God that most of the spirits have moved away to give Rivers State a little breathing space for progress physically and spiritually.
That Bayelsa and other neighbouring states will experience what is called prostitution migration.
That the massive rush of the prostitutes into other places will cause deflation in the price of sexual intercourse.
That most persons who worked in those immoral establishments have become jobless although to the glory of God.
That the level of young girls and boys running mad every week in Port Harcourt has reduced.
That once it’s Friday, Port Harcourt people no longer think of TGIF, turn up and clubbing, everyone is all about night vigil.
However, it’s Friday, I hope you are going for a night vigil today.
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