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10 Remarkable Things that Happened on Valentine’s Day



It’s another year and February 14 has just come and gone.
February 14 is not like any other day because it’s always eventful. People expect to witness a lot on that day.
However, we have the highlights of the incredible, funny, dramatic and unbelievable stunts that got pulled out yesterday on the streets.

Let us start with goodnews. Goodnews first, let’s be guided.

1 Couples Love
Genuine couples who love each other took to social media to profess their undying love for each other. They exchanged gifts and posted pictures of themselves together. Go and ask that celebrity couple in PH who wore black yesterday though as their valentine outfit instead of red and white.

2 Red and White
Yes and yes a lot of persons wore red and white. Some did not even plan it, they just saw themselves in white and red and that is the strong feeling of valentine, the powerful force from love. Oyes that’s what love can do. The influence was massive. Even a POS attendant guy wore his white trouser, carrying a red bag alongside. Is that not the spirit of Valentine?

3 Singles
It was shocking to find that yesterday, a lot of persons were single. As in, just for yesterday. Rumour had it that those quiet ones who used to make noise before about their boo or bae but were quiet yesterday are dating married people. It’s unfortunate that the married people they are dating have gone to attend to their priorities on Valentine’s Day.
Also, some avoided posting their hearthrobs for fear that he or she might be a co-hearthrob to another. In that case, they were trying to avoid wahala by appearing single.

4 Memes
Ridiculous memes filled the air yesterday, the worst was guys laughing at a couple who wore red and white. Nigerians were bent on mocking the heck out of love yesterday but love conquereth it all.

5 Frames
This was the prince of yesterday’s highlights. Aside flowers, photo frames are usually the trendy gifts between lovers. Photo frames were ordered and delivered in this Val like never before. People involved in this business got very occupied yesterday, it was such a saga.

6 Street Love
Over five sets of guys in Port Harcourt stormed the streets feeding thousands of person in the spirit of love. This is the deepest part of it all.

7 Ridiculous Gifts
Some persons got very funny gifts yesterday, like wrapped fruits, groundnuts or bread. Or a sachet of water tied in red ribbons. All for a very low budget valentine.


8 Abuja Trekking
Following the story about the importation of bad crude oil into the country, Abuja experienced scarcity of fuel yesterday to the point people walked their feet off. It looked like a rampage yesterday in the capital city. The cost of transportation soared and couples employed their legs quickly so in Abuja, valentine was celebrated on the road. What a case study!

9 The Busted
Some persons got busted yesterday in their deceptive relationship games. A man wildly slapped his girlfriend at the mall to have found her with another man. The slap was not justified though but people concluded that she did not hitherto inform her boyfriend of her whereabouts that’s why the man was upset. Maybe, she wasn’t honest and she got the slap in the atmosphere of valentine.

10 Conception
Right here, this is the seal. The valentine seal that we hold unto. If you are born in November, hear us darling, you are a valentine seal. Your parents used you to cement their love on February 14th. Yas!
A lot of conception took place yesterday and the EDD Expected Date of Delivery has been stretched and laid out. In November, we shall continue with the gist.

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1 Comment

  1. Choke

    February 16, 2022 at 2:49 am

    I dey my house with my system all day my sister friend sister they look for her shoes after that day oh

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