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Winner Of DLB All Rivers Inter-Tertiary Championship appreciates organizers and others



Winner Of DLB All Rivers Inter-Tertiary Championship appreciates organizers

The winner Of The DLB All Rivers Inter-Tertiary Championship (Quiz Category) appreciated the organizers and supporters who encouraged her in the competition.

Prior to the just concluded Dumo Lulu Briggs(DLB) All Rivers Inter-Tertiary Championship which took place from 14th-16th September 2022, Winners/participants were left with mouth watering prizes and accolades from the distinguished sponsor – Chief. Barr. Dumo Lulu Briggs.

The championship featured Business grants, Scholarship, Debate and Quiz Category respectively. The prestigious Rivers State University won the Debate Competition and I, Martha Mba from Rivers State University, won the Quiz Competition.

Martha Mba in an appreciation post stated;

I am currently a 300 level Engineering Student in the prestigious Rivers State University, An indigene of Rivers State and a Native of Andoni Local Government Area. I, Martha Mba made it to Number 1 amidst the 745 students across all tertiary institutions in Rivers State.

Honestly when I first heard of the DLB All Rivers Inter-tertiary Championship, I was excited reasons being that I want to participate for the scholarship and not really the quiz or debate competition. The first day of the competition was tough though, as I had to answer forty(40) questions in six (6) minutes which comprises of spellings, current affairs, mathematics etc. My heart actually raced for the fact that most of the participants were law students and as an engineering student I was like” God please help your child to achieve this” luckily for me, I emerged the top eight (8) out of fifteen (15) participants who were selected from the 745 participants, I was happy to have come out 8th which means I have hope of participating on the second and final round of it. Out of the fifteen persons who were selected, ten persons were screened out and only five were left to participate at the grand finale which I happen to be among the five. I became more serious and prepared knowing it won’t be easy, indeed God is faithful.
On the finale, I had to face the challenge because I know what I aimed at, though I was tensed on seeing the seas of heads, I was already scared and at the same time ready to try my best with the determination of coming out the best no matter how tough the questions or atmosphere would be. I actually cracked my brain and thought twice before answering any questions to avoid mistakes or disqualification. It was really interesting and funny enough, I was already imagining myself coming out to give hand shake as the winner of the competition. Indeed I gave myself the courage that I can never succeed if I don’t try my best and put more effort and even if it happened that I fail, it simply means I’m prepared enough to try again because failure prepare us for a better time, with all these thoughts in mind, I became bold enough to free and relax my mind.

After much questions and answers, the result was being announced, I listened carefully as my heart begins to pound and goosebumps all over me but to my greatest surprise, I heard my name “Martha Mba” as the winner of the DLB Championship Quiz Competition. Seriously at that point I don’t know if I’m to cry, shout, jump or run, I was totally shocked and elated at the same time, I gave myself some strength and came out to receive the award, honestly I couldn’t hold back the tears as I cried and shake hands with Chief Barr. Dumo Lulu Briggs, I was indeed overwhelmed with joy to have emerged the winner of the DLB Rivers Inter-tertiary Championship (Quiz category). I feel honoured to have stand out in the crowd and being applauded for by everyone in the hall, it was amazing and worth being proud of.

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In all these, I give glory to God Almighty who has brought me this far, God has endowed me with knowledge and wisdom and today I am celebrating, rejoicing and thankful. I wouldn’t forget to appreciate my parents Mr/Mrs. Christian Mba who ensured that I study hard and be the best, same goes to my siblings especially big bro. Christian Mba Jnr who taught me about school life and what I need to know about education.
And neither will I forget my supporters, my own people Gift Onyijne ( God Father) and Emmanuella Oscar they both made sure I stood my ground and face challenges of life, they are always there for me in terms of academics and social life, I can’t thank them enough. One person I won’t also forget is my beloved cousin Mba Nkere-Awajioro Isaiah (the black pen) she’s not only a cousin but my blood, best friend, writer and counsellor, I love you sis, same goes to my wonderful friends and well wishers who are always there for me till this very day, thanks for your support. I am so happy and short of words, thank you so much everyone, I love you all. Thank you Dumo Lulu Briggs for this great opportunity granted to me and for students out there who are also working hard please, I am encouraging you to be studious, determined, focus and prayerful, I wish you all good luck and another opportunity like this.


See pictures from the DLB All Rivers Inter-Tertiary Championship event.

Winner Of DLB All Rivers Inter-Tertiary Championship appreciates organizers


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