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The Hope of 2022 Valentine’s Day



If democracy that doesn’t function is celebrated, how can LOVE not be? Love is intensive, it is the centre of human existence, haven been created out of love from Love Himself.

We function in love and we can count that 98% films are not without love theme no matter the plot. Love is the most formidable driving force on earth and it is not a misnomer to celebrate it.

Whatever anyone is doing today out of a pure heart full of love is good. It is certain that we love everyday but a day set aside is paramount. People exchanging gifts, messages, sweet tones and many other beautiful packages including prayers are on the right track as long as it is done with good intentions.

Yet we know that there are still negative sides to everything on earth from unscrupulous individuals. Many will commit sin, crime, atrocities because of this day which is abysmally bad and that is the lies in Valentine. The drama of the lies stem from people dating multiple persons and getting busted or the ones that are finding it impossible to divide themselves into many places to be with the ones they have promised love or relationships that will be broken today because two guys posted same girl as their val.

The drama does not end.

Love is alive yet in this month of love, not less than three videos of different young women rejecting men who proposed to them publicly have gone viral.

In fact, the most alarming is the man who was rejected in church, at the altar by a sister he has been courting and they were both in same “asoebi” regalia that Sunday. The sister out rightly rejected him in the presence of the Church of Christ and the Host of Angels therein.

The second lady did not just reject the man, she gave him dirty slaps and slammed the cake on his face. The man was held from falling by the guitarist who had played at the background before the proposal. That was wild.

Then came another public rejection before the one on the February 13, A fat young girl rejects her boyfriend and abused him both verbally and physically before walking out on him. People commented the audacity of that hippopotamus to have done that to a fine boy. The gist keeps going on and on and it feels like the world has lost it.


It seems like love is hopeless in this generation but hope shines on as Port Harcourt witnessed Dr James Daniel get hitched last weekend. Dr. James is a cripple who moves in his wheel chair and has been a prominent student of the Rivers States University from his undergraduate level to the awarding of his Doctorate Degree last year. Many celebrate his strength and determination for education and while receiving his PhD last year, he was awarded greatly by the Governor of Rivers State.

Subsequently, the city cannot be calm in this val as he finds love, a special wonderful woman who has accepted to be with him forever in this vain generation.

Love is very alive and that is what we ought to trust in.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emmanuel Nwokoma

    February 15, 2022 at 10:05 am

    What a love pls help us and give us more of dis

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