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Nigerian Artist Sky B A.K.A “Ma Bebe,” gives a Phenomenal Response on ownership of song and pleads for more support



Nigerian Artist Sky B has given a phenomenal Response on the ownership of song that has been circulating the internet. In an exclusive interview with Gistalways Media Palisade Ogunka “Sky B”, also known as “Ma Bebe” and “Ogechi My Girl,” who hails from Rumokoro community in Port Harcourt, Rivers State shared his exhilaration over the overwhelming response to his music.

With over 200 million Nigerians, Sky B stated that after Lucky Udu Foundation shared his story on his present situation that over 1 million Nigerians have been showing him support and made him to be on the top spot in the Nigeria’s music chat scene, he expressed immense gratitude to his fans and attributed his success to divine grace and support from his fans.

Addressing concerns about the originality of his music, Sky B emphasizes the essence of music as a collection of sounds, drawing inspiration from predecessors like Eminem, Dido Tupac and others. Undeterred by skepticism, he remains focused on delivering quality music, acknowledging the influence of past artists on contemporary creations.

Looking ahead, Sky B unveils his ambitious plans on his musical career. He announced the imminent release of his album, scheduled for June, along with two accompanying singles and music videos. Despite challenges in reclaiming his music rights from various record labels, Sky B remains resolute in his pursuit, vowing to retrieve his royalties and materials through legal means.

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Dispelling rumors of his demise, Sky B refutes false claims circulated on social media that he never used his death to resurrect his musical career that the incident was from a movie scene and someone took photos of him and fabricated the lie about his death which was very wrong. He clearly stated he would never associate death with his musical career. He assured fans of his well-being and denounces the spread of misinformation surrounding his health.

Regarding his relationship with record labels, Sky B maintains a stance of reconciliation, opting for dialogue over litigation to resolve disputes and regain control of his artistic endeavors. Expressing heartfelt appreciation to his fans for their unwavering support, Sky B pledges to remain dedicated to his craft and promises to reciprocate their love and loyalty.

In conclusion, he extends his gratitude to the Nigerian music community and reaffirms his commitment to delivering music that resonates with his audience. With a fervent fan base and newfound determination, he promised to embark on a journey to solidify his position as a prominent figure in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene.


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