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Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, has reiterated his administration’s determination to stop beggars and almajiris from roaming the streets seeking for alms in the state.

Ganduje stated this while addressing the new House of Representatives’ Majority Leader, Alhaji Alhassan Ado Doguwa and the people of his constituency, who paid him a courtesy call at Government House, Kano on Sunday.

He said, “I holistically consider free and compulsory education as my major cardinal thrust considering the compelling need for me to take millions of kids out of school to access education.’

He said that the practice must stop as Islam frowned at begging as a means of livelihood.

“Begging under whatever guise is not legitimised in Islam and I am determined to stop it at all costs.

“All those that see begging as Islamic are ignorant of the Islamic law.

‘‘I have made it explicitly clear that my government is on course to introduce compulsory and free education at primary and secondary school levels in the state,’’ Ganduje said.

According to him, the state government conceived the idea of creating new additional emirates for the overall development of the areas affected in the face of the prevailing challenges.

“Those opposing the creation of the new emirates are only being myopic and inconsiderate because they have failed to see things beyond their noses.

“We have created the four new emirates not with the intention of offending or hurting anyone but to ensure even development,” Ganduje said.

He said his administration was a government of continuity and that he would leave no stone unturned in forging ahead with notable developmental projects left by his predecessors.

He gave assurance that he would complete all the abandoned five- kilometre road dual carriageways in all the headquarters of 44 local government areas of the state.

In his remarks, Alhaji Alhassan Ado-Doguwa said the people of Doguwa and Tudun-Wada Federal constituency were at the Government House to express their gratitude to Ganduje over the role he played in ensuring that he became House Majority leader.

“We are here to thank you for the pivotal role you played in realising my ambition of becoming the House majority leader of the lower chamber of the National Assembly,” he said.

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Gorilla Swallows 6.8 Million naira in Kano Zoo.

Gorilla was accused to have swallowed 6.8 million naira from kano Zoo.

This amount of money was realized from selling gate tickets during the Salah festive activities.  

By 3am the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) in a press briefing announced the postponement of the 2019 elections stating it was logistics problem. The 2019 Elections are now to hold on 23rd February 2019 for Presidential and National Assembly while the Governorship, State House of Assembly and the FCT Area Council Elections is to hold on 9th March 2019.

After this the People Democratic party in a statement by party chairman Uche Secondus stated;

The Peoples Democratic Party, rejects shift in election date. The postponement of the Presidential and National Assembly elections by INEC is an agenda by President Buhari to cling to power. I hereby call on INEC Chairman to resign immediately.

The shoddy arrangement for this election by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC is a deliberate predetermined agenda of President Buhari to cling on to power even when it’s obvious to him that Nigerians want him out.

The postponement which is part of a grand design by the All Progressives Congress, APC, to thwart the will of Nigerians at all cost, clearly exposes INEC as a failure and I call on the Chairman of the Commission, Prof Mahmood Yakubu to resign immediately.

I want to warn that the party, PDP, will not accept anything short of a well organized electoral process devoid of manipulation, harassment and intimidation of voters and the opposition particularly members of the PDP. Having failed in all their nefarious options to enable them cling on to power, the APC and the INEC came up with the idea of shifting election, an action that is dangerous to our democracy and unacceptable.

The APC in connivance with the INEC have been trying all options including but not limited to burning down INEC offices in some states and destroying of electoral materials to create artificial problems upon which to stand for their dubious act. The party is privy to all the pressures from the APC and the federal government to arm twist the INEC to dance to their new strategy after their earlier ones failed.

With several of their rigging options failing, they have to force INEC to agree to a shift in the election or a staggered election with flimsy excuses pre-manufactured for the purpose. For the avoidance of doubt the PDP sees this action as wicked and we are also aware of other dubious designs like the deployment of hooded security operatives who would be ruthless on the people ostensibly to scare them away

By this action of President Buhari. he has further demonstrated his insensitivity costing the huge cost after Nigerians including those who came home from abroad have all mobilized to their various constituencies. The PDP had earlier alerted Nigerians that the APC was coming up with lined up rigging strategies including burning down of INEC offices and engineering crisis in PDP strong hold areas to scare away the people.

Also Festus Keyamo, the spokesperson for the APC Presidential Campaign council said in a statement that the party “received with great disappointment and disillusionment the announcement” about the postponement.
He said;
“We do hope that INEC will remain neutral and impartial in this process as the rumor mill is agog with the suggestion that this postponement has been orchestrated in collusion with the main opposition, the PDP, that was NEVER ready for this election,” 

We condemn and deprecate this tardiness of the electoral umpire in the strongest terms possible. President Muhammadu Buhari had since cooperated fully with INEC by ensuring EVERYTHING it demanded to conduct free and fair elections were promptly made available to it. This news is therefore a huge disappointment to us and to our teeming supporters nationwide and around the world, many of whom have come into the country to exercise their franchise.

We do hope that INEC will remain neutral and impartial in this process as the rumor mill is agog with the suggestion that this postponement has been orchestrated in collusion with the main opposition, the PDP, that was NEVER ready for this election. We note that all the major credible demographic projections have predicted a defeat of the PDP and it seriously needed this breather to orchestrate more devious strategies to try and halt President Buhari’s momentum. It did the same as the ruling Party in 2015, when it realized the game was up, by orchestrating the postponement of the 2015 elections by six weeks. Now, it may be up to its old trick again.

We have earlier raised the alarm that the PDP is bent on discrediting this process the moment it realized it cannot make up the numbers to win this election. We are only urging INEC not collude with the PDP on this. We are truly worried because as early as Friday morning, some known PDP Social Media influencers unwittingly announced this postponement, but quickly deleted the message and apologized to the public that it was fake news. We do not want to be forced to a situation of announcing our total loss of confidence in INEC, because we know where that would leave our democracy.

It is in the light of the above that we wish to appeal to Nigerians and our supporters to be patient, calm and resolute despite this temporary setback. Let us not give anyone, especially the PDP, the opportunity to plunge this nation into a crises, which is what they earnestly desire. Its imminent defeat is just a few days away.

Lastly, we wish to draw the attention of INEC and the world to observe that the PDP has clearly and openly said it plans to announce parallel results through some funny device it has procured or developed. We wish to re-iterate that it is ONLY INEC that is legally and constitutionally empowered to declare results and it constitutes an offence for anyone to do so. We urge INEC to SPEAK UP NOW and warn the PDP to desist from this ignoble act that is capable of plunging the nation into a crises of immeasurable proportions.

Kano assembly has promised that it would continue investigating the videos showing the state Governor, Alhaji Abdullahi Ganduje, allegedly receiving bribe from a contractor, despite a court ruling on the investigation.

According to Sahara reporters; A Kano High Court on Monday had ruled that the status quo be maintained, following an order sought by one Muhammad Zubair on behalf of Lawyers for Sustainable Democratisation of Nigeria.

The High Court, presided over by Justice A.T. Badamasi, had directed the committee investigating the matter to maintain the status quo ante pending the determination of the motion on notice.

However, in a press conference, the chairman of a seven-man committee constituted by the assembly to investigate the allegation, Alhaji Baffa Dan-Agundi, said according to their understanding, the court did not stop them from continuing with their investigation.

According to him, the assembly has its own understanding of what the court called “status quo be maintained pending the determination of the motion”, adding that the committee would approach the court to tender documents that gave it the power to investigate the matter.

He cited sections 128 and 129 of the 1999 Constitution as amended, which provide that the House of Assembly has jurisdiction to investigate corruption allegations against public officers.

He stated that Kano assembly had utmost respect for the rule of law, adding that the committee would respect whatever interpretation given by the court on November 12, which the judge had set aside for hearing.

He said, “We have received a court order that we should stop investigating the video clips showing Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, allegedly collecting bribe.

“We had a meeting today at the assembly and according to our understanding, the court didn’t stop us from investigating the allegation. We understand that the court only said the status quo be maintained. As such, we will continue with our work.

“The court set Monday for us to appear before it for hearing. We will respect the court and go with our documents that justify our position and jurisdiction to investigate this matter.”

Dan-Agundi also said that the next items on their schedule was forensic analysis of the video clips, which should have been held yesterday but suspended as a result of the court ruling.

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Business man Aliko Dangote has donated an ultra-modern business school to the Bayero University, Kano named Dangote Business School.

According to a statement on Sunday, Dangote said, the facility was worth N1.2bn, adding that plans had commenced to affiliate it with the Havard Business School in the United States of America.

He noted that effort was made to ensure that the school met the international standards and be one of the biggest in the sub Sahara Africa.

He said the Business School, which was opened by the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, was conceived as part of his contributions towards encouraging world-class entrepreneurship education in Nigeria.

“He described the school as best of its kind in northern Nigeria, adding that the school, as accredited by the National Universities Commission, will be the first business school to offer Doctor of Business Administration programme in Nigeria.


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A list of 30 corrupt people working with President Muhammadu Buhari was released by People Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate Atiku Abubakar.


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