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Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi: Surviving as an ALMAJIRI

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Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi: Surviving as an ALMAJIRI

This is like a summary and like a story of who an Almajiri is and what they go through as written by Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi.

I became an adult at five,
Living on my own without a home.
I am the fruit of their curse,
I am meant to die as I live,
Wipe the tear and count the smile,
I am the unburied walking corpse.
Call me Almajiri or a begger, but I’m a child
Birthed by the living and not the dead.

I don’t care about the thorn in my feet
Nor the scorching sun above my head.
My stomach is too painful that I must listen to its singing bird.
How can I blame those who thought I was mad?
When I smell and eat all that is weird.

Listen! To me who was born to burn,
By a heavy pour and an undying sun.
Listen to me who was forsaken by laws and men,
I am the house of fly and the custodian of pain.
Listen to me, whose childhood crawls away from fun,
To be born unwanted, was that my sin? 

I am walking in the darkness of morning. I am sitting but always falling. I feel shy seeing my mates running in beautiful clothes and I know they must be dreaming of a future I dare not hope of having.

As my tears run from the germs I’m eating,
I blamed myself for almost thinking like a normal being.

I knw wen lyt fades frm stars
I knw wen sun wakes & shine
For I see dem frm our dear roofless gutters
My bdy is immune 2 health & it plays wit sickness
Yet dia is no mama 2 tell or papa 2 wipe my tears
Who’ll listen 2 my plight, who kia abt my feelings?

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