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#WorldSickleCellDay: The story of a Sickle Cell Survivor

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#WorldSickleCellDay: The story of a Sickle Cell Survivor

To mark the Sickle Cell Day today we had an Exclusive chat with Sickle Cell Survivor who shared her experience and more.

Read everything about her and find out how she has been surviving too;

I am Ezeh Chisom, a 23 year old lady with a whole lot of ambitions, trying to achieve her goals and make something great of herself.

I was born in Lagos, been in Lagos my life. I studied mechanical engineering in the university of Lagos. I graduated in 2018.
I have a keen interest in self development, investment, business and finance in general.

When I’m not working, I’m probably filming a YouTube video or watching movies or reading.

I hope to be an inspiration to a lot of people out there and to also draw people closer to God. Yeah I’m really keen on spiritual growth as well.

Surviving with sickle cell; I don’t know where to start from really, someone asked me how I felt about today and this is what I had to say;

I have realised that sickle cell does different things to different people. It’s really bad in some cases and even worse in others. But one of the things I did was to monitor my body and know what it likes and dislikes. My diet is a bit streamlined. I can’t eat alot of things because they can trigger a crisis.

I remain covered up during weathers like this because exposure to so much cold and even so much heat can trigger a crisis, I dont participate in strenuous activities of course.
As I back up my health with prayers, I also try to take really good care of myself too.
You see, in Nigeria. I think the main issue is the awareness.
People marrying for love and then birthing kids to fight battles they didnt choose.

We need ALOT of awareness.
People still think sickle cell is vague or a joke or not too serious, until you find yourself with a sickler child and worse even, no money to keep up.

The health sector needs to help with creating awareness, educating kids as well as grown ups about the disorder. So the number of incompatible relationships reduce tremendously.

What I would want to change about myself; well…my genotype…Lol. It can be really tough and I’ve only learnt to live with it cuz I have no choice, but if I could change it. I would.

A word of encouragement.

Well. I would say dont let this weigh your mental health down. There is no gain saying that our physical strength is already a bit disadvantaged but your mind should remain undefeated. Set those goals and achieve them. The goal shouldnt be to just live long but to leave a happy and fulfilled life. We are all in this together and always remember to pray and stay healthy.

Please, I am a great woman who is capable of conquering the world.

I am not some weak, fragile human being who has given up and is just taking things as they come

I am strong, ambitious and optimistic and I will achieve my dreams. Dont be sorry for me biko

Let it be known….

She has a Youtube Channel, kindly check it out, subscribe and encourage her;

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