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WordWednesday: The word Revise vs Reverse understand them

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Not every time gist gist let’s learn too 😃,  today on Word Wednesday we are looking at the words REVISE vs REVERSE.
In Nigeria, we noticed that the word “Revise” is often used in place of “Reverse”. For example: She selected Revise gear ❎

Here is the difference between both words—– REVERSE:
pronunciation (British) (IPA): /ɹɪˈvəːs/

Opposite, contrary; going in the opposite direction.
Pertaining to engines, vehiclemovement etc. moving in a direction opposite to the usual direction.
Example: She selected reverse gear✔

pronunciation (IPA): /ɹɪˈvaɪ̯z/

To review, alter and amend, especially of written material.

To look over again (something previously written or learned), especially in preparation for an examination.

Example: Before every event, I often revise my notes from Talkathon 2018✔

Hope you now understand both word Revise vs Reverse

By Joyce Daniels 

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