Why they should stop glorifying Yahoo 😩 people’s opinion

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Omoh the Yahoo Yahoo matter na serious matter o 😣 so this is how this issue came up, remember singer Simi speaking out about internet fraud and advising that people/friends should stop it and all cause it’s not good. People came for her giving their on opinion about doing or not doing Yahoo.

Singer Naira Marley got involved in the matter after asking Simi this 👉 @symplysimi I saw u at d homecoming last night, u look sad & upset.. why? Am I yahoo boy?

The matter didn’t end here, Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut called Naira Marley for glorifying Yahoo which he said it’s not right. Naira Marley said again; “@tundeednut u collect money from yahoo boy to do give away. U collect money from them to post. Ur now telling me what’s wrong.

Right now Naira Marley has released a song “Am I a Yahoo boy” based on the issue. Read people’s opinion on why Yahoo should not be glorified.

Imagine waking up in the morning and You find out the 7 million naira You have worked badly for is all gone, that is what Yahoo looks like.
Your favourite Influencers Davido, Zlatan and Naira marley were indirectly insulting Tunde Ednut for saying you shouldn’t glorify Yahoo.

Stop telling Me trash about how Tunde Ednut collected money from Yahoo boys to do giveaway, AIT/CHANNELS Tv collect Money from corrupt politicians to do campaigns. He is running a business,because He used his name doesn’t change the fact that it is a brand.

Yahoo or no Yahoo.
We should stop being hypocrites! All unrighteousness are SIN. You lie, You steal, You fornicate…so many things, before you remove dirt from your brother’s eyes first check if yours is clean. Nobody Holy.

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