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Why Nigerians are talking about President Buhari’s visit to Ekiti

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President Buhari and All Progressive Presidential candidate has been going round the country for his Presidential campaign in preparation for the 2019 elections, his recent visit was at Ekiti state and Ondo state.

During his visit to Ekiti state President Buhari surprised many when he stated he was elected into office in 2005.


Now the thing is Nigerians dont see it as a mistake tho, read their comments;

President Buhari was in my state, Ondo State and Ekiti State for campaign today, in Ekiti he said “when I came into office in 2005” in Akure he kept saying“Edo” instead of “Ondo” and here are pictures from their Akure rally.

This old man is completely lost.

Buhari go home and rest. Apc Cabals are wicked.

President Buhari also stated;

“We are fighting corruption but it has not been easy. But we told the security agencies to keep a tab on those on our watch list and ensure that no stone is left unturned in ensuring that those who have cases to answer doe not escape justice,”

“As part of our promises, we are building roads, rail lines and fighting corruption. We introduced Treasury Single Account and increased power supply, so Nigerians can have their own businesses.

“I want to be grateful to Ekiti voters because the two times I came here, I achieved successes. I came here in 2014 and I also came here to campaign for Fayemi, he won the governorship election, so I thank you.”

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