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Who Grace Ajilore is and why some Nigerians are not happy with her

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Grace Ajilore matter is now looking like someone cannot play with Nigerians and i know some of you are wondering who she is and why Nigerians are coming for her.

She is a popular Nigerian Youtuber who majorly gives advice about men been this and that to her audience. Funny enough most of her audience looks up to her and listens to her advice so this is why they are not happy with her

Watch some videos below;

Here is what Nigerians have to say;

The way it works online, anyone can say or do whatever as long as people buy into it, its their clout. Grace Ajilore is Trending this morning cos she is pregnant. I wouldn’t know why this is such a Big Ish except ofcos there is more to this antics than meets the eyes

Linda Ikeji preached celibacy so tey, she FELL pregnant, Glory Osei was forming feminist that hates men only to realize that she is married. Now, Grace Ajilore that is always setting standards and screaming “Men are scum” is pregnant. The internet is a very interesting place.

When Grace Ajilore said “Be Wicked To men” she meant you should do crazy, evil, wicked things in bed and not Patience Ozokwor kindda wicked

Grace Ajilore being pregnant is the biggest plot twist of 2019




I’m so happy for her tho


If u’ve been watching Grace Ajilore on IG with her facial expressions, accents & goofiness yet still came to the conclusion that she’s a bitter woman who hates men, then ur brain is probably filled with hair relaxer. That lady that reminds me of Bovi?


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