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What you would learn from the movie ‘Lion Heart’ by Genevieve Nnaji

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There are different opinions and review from the movie ‘Lion Heart’ by Genevieve Nnaji but we choose to tell you what you would learn from the movie and more…

If you haven’t seen Lion Heart i guess this would encourage you too, the movie was directed by Nigerian star actress Genevieve Nnaji which she also featured and brought in her 100% best.

Here are the following things you would learn when you watch Lion Heart;

  • Morning prayers/devotion is very important.
  • Dont joke with family unity
  • You would learn that collaboration/partnership is sometimes necessary
  • Never joke with Nigerian mothers, she is always there to stand by you
  • An igbo man doesnt joke with his business whether there is war or not
  • Nigerian parables cannot be taken for granted, there is always an important meaning.
  • Our culture, language and others is beautiful.
  • If you do good one day good would come to you
  • Research is very important and it can save you
  • And a fine smart lady wouldnt like to miss the opportunity when she sees a fine gentle man.
  • Nigerians dont joke with celebrations and also like to enjoy themselves

Thats all and well done to Genevieve Nnaji and her team, we hope this not a spoiler for those who havent seen the movie.

See the trailer

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