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What Rivers State Entertainers want from the Government

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Yesterday the Rivers State Entertainers in Rivers State took a long walk from Pleasure Park to Government House requesting for more attention to the sector, better open policies & a sit down meeting with the sitting Governor.

Below is the request from Rivers State Entertainers;

Companies based in Rivers State should patronize Artisans, Bloggers/Influencers & Entertainment Firms based in the city.

Companies based in Rivers State should use Entertainment as their Cooperate Social Responsibility(CSR) and enjoy Tax Rebate from Government.

We need Hubs with FREE WiFi at different Local Government Areas.

We need a Film/Entertainment Village.

We need airplay on Radio/TV stations. 50% local content.
Government can give franchise to some mega media companies so that Music made in Port Harcourt will be on cable effortlessly.

Pass the Rivers State Entertainment Advancement Bill.

Give Loans and Grants for Entertainers without having to pass through a political party.

Artisans should be carried along in Government Events.
Bring back CARNIRIV (feel free to upgrade it).

Obviously the Ministry of Culture & Tourism hasn’t met up with the ever challenging mental & generational drift.
Lets have a Commissioner of Entertainment in Rivers State.

Access to Government venues will help entertainers save cost.

We need international standard television stations and media outlets for our crafts to be showcased to the world.


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