What people are saying about Twitter Voice Note and how it works

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What people are saying about Twitter Voice Note and how it works

Twitter introduced a new feature on their platform that is exciting many users.

Twitter announced that users can now add voice notes to their tweets. Given that Twitter allows only 280 characters in a single tweet, the ability to add voice notes will enable Tweeple to add more to the conversation.

Explaining how it works they stated;

Adding voice notes to your tweets is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to the Tweet composer and tap the wavelength icon next to the camera icon. After clicking, you will be able to see your profile photo with the record button at the bottom. You just have to tap the record button to get started and share the voice tweet with your followers.

The voice notes with the tweets can be used to add more context to posts. Your followers can download the voice note and the number of listens for a voice note show up right below the tweet. There is no change in the way retweet and replies work, except you cannot reply to a tweet with a voice note.

The maximum length of a voice note that can be recorded is 140 seconds and if you exceed that limit, another voice note will start recording and a thread of such voice notes will be created. Much like Facebook videos, the tweets play in a window at the bottom of the app, so users can continue listening to the voice note as they scroll through other tweets.

It is currently only available for IPhone users and not available for Android users.

Read what people are saying;

IPhone 6 of 25k doing Twitter VN Samsung of 200k can’t do. This Twitter is a tribalistic racissor Face with tears of joy

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