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What is really wrong with Ubi Franklin 🙄 Read it all…

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We are not the ones asking 🙄 people are asking what is wrong with Ubi Franklin… This year there have been so many allegations laid on the CEO of Made Men Music  group, from baby mama issues to record label management issues which involved singer Iyanya who was also part of the label and all.

Ubi Franklin is seen as a very respectable personality especially with what he shares on his social media platform but his private life is spoiling that image. The recent scandal online involved another baby mama Sandra who is reported to be carrying his 4th child.

Ubi Franklin baby mama

She is accusing Ubi Franklin on owing her some amount of money with some documents to show as prove. She wrote;

As you all know there has been rumors about me and I would like to clear the air on these issues once. .
I work hard for my money and I have been through a lot to get to where I am now. To be a woman financially independent without any man’s help. I did all this without the help of any sugar daddy runs or selling my body. I am an adult and who I chose to be with is my decision.
I met Ubi Franklin in May 2017 at a concert while on vacation in London I had no idea he was a celebrity or public figure a friend of mine told me who he was. We exchanged contacts and started talking. I returned to America where we later met up during one of his visits.
As a business woman I could easily relate with him and found him interesting which he said the same about me. Down the line he came to me seeking funds to help push his business and I totally understood how it felt when money could stop you from achieving your business dreams. During this time we became very close.
I offered to loan him the sum of Eight million naira not including the ones I gave him in dollars to help with child support and other issues he had. So I got my lawyer draw up a final settlement agreement letter which he agreed to sign as well as his lawyer and agreed to pay on March 8th 2019. .
Ubi Franklin has been going around tarnishing my image since December 2018 paying bloggers to write fake stories about me to save his image and y’all know I havent said a word and kept quiet but enough is enough as there’s so much one can take, he can do it with other people but not me because this woman has had enough. .
There are rumors flying around saying that I was engaged please if you bought a ring and engaged me or paid my brides price from May 2017 till date please speak up biko so I will know I have a husband to be that I am not aware of. .
I challenge you Ubi Franklin to dispute my claims because I’m ready to fight you fire for fire with concrete and hard proof. I want my money remaining 4 million as proceeding will be filed in court on Monday morning. The same way you have an image to save it’s the same way I will save and protect mine. Fuck you @ubifranklintriplemg

See document below;

Below is her advice to women concerning Ubi…🙄Ubi Franklin

And nothing serious has been said from Ubi Franklin

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