What happens behind LadiPoe and all about his song “Know You”

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What happens behind LadiPoe and all about his song “Know You”

One Artist that made us to forget that we are in the COVID-19 pandemic was LadiPoe with the release of his hit track “Know You”  featuring Simi with the voice.

In this interview LadiPoe shares what behind the scenes of his career and other interesting things we didn’t know about the artist.

His Background

I studied Biology and Chemistry. I wanted to be a doctor. But I think it’s because I was just good at Biology in secondary school. So I just kind of segued into that. I was great at that too, College. But I worked in an hospital for a brief time and I realised I can’t commit my life to this. This is not where my life calling is at all. I also got an MBA.

Finding a balance in his career 

I do go quiet sometimes because I need time to decide. But I figured it out with “Talk About Poe” and since then I have also figured that I’m not really a singles artist. I’m a project-based artist.

My lady is always telling me. She’s like ‘if people should see the side of you that I see, the one that’s always singing at random moments, doing silly dances, that kind of stuff, they’d be surprised. And the truth is; I guess I want to try to show that more in my music.

I’m attracted to strategizing, to figuring out how to make something work and connecting with people.

His connection with Don Jazzy and how Mavin record label made him stand out

I think Jazzy first heard ‘Koyewon,’ while running that on air. I think it’s even this station when Dotun was on air playing ‘Koyewon’. Jazzy then made moves to get in touch with me. That happens and eventually, we start to talk more and more. It took a while, maybe over the course of a year we’ve been back and forth. But to me I wanted a platform. Them, they wanted to diversify. And I felt, ‘look if you guys have the same hunger and see me going to where I feel like I can go, then we can do this.

After joining Mavin Nobody is asking me for free shows, straight up. When you’re independent, it’s easier for them to say ‘the exposure, you need it’.

Everything about the popular song “Know You”

I wrote the song in the latter part of 2017. But I didn’t put it on Talk About Poe. I needed people to know who Poe was. And this is the standard. And then get more stuff like ‘Jaiye’. I think I recorded ‘Jaiye’ the same year I dropped Talk About Poe. I had ‘Jaiye’ but ‘Jaiye’ is not going to go on the album. You need to get Poe first before you can understand that this is versatility. Before you get confused as to which is Poe, which is not. Yeah, 2017 is when we wrote it but it took how many years?

Also we felt we had a song. We weren’t worried that this is a hit record, it was more like we have made an amazing song, and we’re both really excited about that. And you know, Simi doesn’t play. I respect Simi as an artist but as a person because even when I was dulling and slow on the song, she was like ‘bro give me the song if you don’t want to.’ And I always knew I wanted to use it. For me, it was just about the timing. Timing has always been either a blessing or a curse for me. And then before I dropped it, I went back to the studio with Ikon and did some things to it.

Another interesting thing about Ladipoe is that he is a highly skilled MC.

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