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What did we miss??? The big issues around the world

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Relax we were not on quarantine 🙄 we just had to lock down small but we are here and back to talk about the big issues around the world 😩

We all know one of the major big issues is the Coronavirus COVID_19 crisis that has claimed lives and is still spreading all over. In Nigeria, most of the politicians/leaders had to self-isolate after Chief of Staff Abba Kyari tested positive to the virus, also in the list is Atiku’s son, Bauchi Governor, Benin speaker and others. Sadly we have lost one person to the virus a few days ago and there are more cases every day. People  who came in contact with these affected persons have been advised to isolate,  it was even reported someone who attended Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) tested positive to the virus and all attendees are to self-isolate an also get tested.

Meanwhile, some men of God/pastors disobeyed government rules and went on with their church services and another big issue is the fact that many Nigerians still doubt the existence of the virus.

Around  the world the cases keeps increasing with increase in death, donations have been made by several personalities to help save this coronavirus situation.

Guys no doubt the major reports we missed is all about COVID_19 so  follow up the next gist and stay safe by washing your hands, avoid crowded places and maintain social distance.

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