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What could have led to the divorce of Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro

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Many of us can’t believe or accept that movie actors Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro have divorced and they are no longer together. There was a crisis between Gbenro and Osas but no one imagined that they would end up separating.

Gbenro Ajibade revealed in an interview with Ebuka on Rubbin at Channels TV revealed that his marriage to Osas Ighodaro has been annulled and they are co-parenting their only child.

Remember in February 2019, Gbenro Ajibade called out Osas Ighodaro, accusing her of neglecting their child multiple times.

Speaking On calling out Osas on IG some months back accusing her of neglecting their child multiple times, Gbenro said that was the only resort he had at the time to attend to issue concerning her child and it worked for that period of time.

Reacting to insinuations that he got married to Osas just to become an American citizen, Gbenro said people are entitled to their opinion. The couple had their wedding in New York in July 2015 and welcomed their child, Azariah, in 2016.

Although he didn’t state why they divorced or what led to their breakup, many of us are interested in knowing what really happened to the beautiful couple everyone admired.

Watch the interview below;

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