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Watch Pastor Chris Video on 5G Network killing people and not Coronavirus

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has boldly stated that 5G network is killing people and not Coronavirus.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome statement generated a serious argument online, read some of them;

Anytime the human race is on the brink of progressing technologically, these anti christ stories spring up. Years Back they said Internet promotes pornography, One Pastor said TV is a Taboo, Another said Cashless Policy is gearing towards 666, now it’s Pastor Chris on 5G. Sighs

I’m not religious but i respect Pastor Chris for standing up and saying the truth. He is a renowned scientist and his opinion aren’t just based off a facebook post, 15 years Ago he healed a man who has been blind from birth and man could immediately identify and name colors.

I just watched Pastor Chris say COVID-19 does not exist & 5G is the issue & I still can’t believe my ears! From doctors & virologists in Asia, US, Europe, to WHO, to FG, to doctors in IDH Yaba, to doctors in UBTH & LUTH…all are in on the hoax shey? So what caused SARS? 4G?

Daddy Adeboye said God sent CoronaVirus to call the attention of the whole world to Godly living. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said CoronaVirus doesn’t exist, just a coverup for 5G. 1 Corinthians 14:33 said “For God is not the author of confusion…..”

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