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#UltimateloveNg: Watch the proposal between Kachi and Rosie (Roksie) and get the hot gist

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We are happy to announce that the Roksie ship is waxing stronger, the winners of Ultimate Love would be having a wedding as Kachi proposed to Rosie after the grand finale and she said Yes!!!!!


Here is the update on how the show went down yesterday

Their love story

Rosie fell into the arms of Kachi after she was dumped by David her other pair in the Ultimate love game reality show, David left her for Presh who came into the love pad that week and this really broke Rosie cause she really loved David and chose him 3 times when Aunty asked them to choose new partners.

Rosie had no choice than to be with Kachi which she gave some tough time due to her issue with David, so as time went on she started getting used Kachi company and that was how they blended and became an item in the Ultimate love game show and gathered lots of fans. All these happened in a space of 8 weeks.

For winning the Ultimate game show, Roksie will be taking home the grand prize of five million naira in cash, a ten million naira traditional wedding and a dream home.

Congratulations to them…

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