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#UltimateLoveNg: Is The Ultimate Love replacing Big Brother Naija?

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Last night a new reality show was brought to our screen  by Africa Magic  and it is called “The Ultimate Love”  were  16 singles are brought together to search for true love in the  same space.

As expected fans started comparisons with the Ultimate  Love  show and Big Brother Naija reality game show which we all know happens around this time.  Now speaking about the show, a total of 16 strangers, comprising eight men and eight women will be live on television for 24 hours throughout the duration of the show, as they participate in a series of locally inspired activities to test their compatibility as couples, with viewers voting off their least favorite couple every week.

Almost looking like Big Brother Naija,  the show will be governed by media personality, Adesua Onyenokwe who will be referred to as ‘Aunty’.

Aunty will keep the contestants, referred to as ‘love guests’, grounded. She will also establish and manage a very rigid daily schedule that will keep them occupied and help groom their new found love.

The ultimate prize is finding love, but there will be other mouth watering prizes including an all-expense-paid traditional wedding ceremony and a fully furnished home, but that is only if the winning couple decides to get married.

Ultimate Love is a 24-hour reality television show rated 18 and as such viewers will get to see the contestants in their element. There will however be no cameras in the bathrooms and restrooms.

Actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande and  media personality Oluwaseun  are the host for the reality game show.

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