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Ubi Franklin advise to himself as people attack him on the net

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Since Triple MG record label boss Ubi Franklin, announced his expecting a third child which is from another woman, the internet has not been calm. See the post he made;

According to reports the child his expecting is from a South African lady who happened to be his former staff in his company Instantpickup.

Ubi Franklin and Instantpickup staff

The fans came out hard for Ubi Franklin, bringing out different opinions on why his former marriage crashed and all…but it seems UbiFranklin didn’t care at all. Read the advice he has been sharing to himself just to ignore all the comments by people;

Dear Lord may I never Lack Necessary things in life to live well.
May Your narrative be ultimate♥️🙏🏾👏🏿

Process improvement programs are like teaching people how to fish. Strategy maps and scorecards teach people where to fish.
Being able to quit things that don’t work is integral to being a winner.
Nothing is impossible … But some things may take a little longer.

Pumped up 💪
Economics should be defined in terms of what it is about. It should be about how people produce things, how people exchange them, how people earn income, how they pay taxes, how the government provides infrastructure with tax revenue, and how it conducts monetary policy. The subject has to be defined in terms of the object of inquiry.

Productivity depends on many factors, including our workforce’s knowledge and skills and the quantity and quality of the capital, technology, and infrastructure that they have to work with.

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