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Toke Makinwa and Mercy Aigbe lecture on Sex Education got people talking; Watch

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Toke Makinwa and Mercy Aigbe lecture on Sex Education got people talking; 

Firstly the internet have a lot to say about Toke Makinwa suggesting vibrators for every woman and people also feel both she and Mercy Aigbe shouldnt be talking about sex education now because of the Coronavirus Covid_19 crisis but we dont blame though cause they have their right.

Watch their various videos on Sex Education and share your thoughts;

See reactions from Toke Makinwa’s opinion on vibrators;

Toke Makinwa said every Female must own a Vibrator, so what should every Male own?

Toke Makinwa has nothing going in her life right now. What do you expect ?? It’s okay if you’re not married, it’s not an achievement like some do say. But misleading young ladies to get sex toys is not bright at all. Just keep your mouth shut aunty olobo town council.

Toke Makinwa said every female should own a vibrator. Nothing concern me, at least Cucumbers will stop suffering. Some girls don’t pity that fruit.

Toke Makinwa is right tho, why won’t Women use Vibrators, when you cum after 2 minutes. You’re dragging her, how long do you last in bed?

If this is why you people are dragging Toke Makinwa, then y’all are just jobless. This is literally good sex education for women.

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