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#TitansCelebrateTacha; Why Titans love #Bbnaija Queen Tacha

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Yesterday was Queen Tacha birthday, the Ex-housemate of the reality game show Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Season 4 and honestly the internet went wild for Queen Tacha all because of the Titans.

So guys we were just so curious and decided to have an interview with her fans (Titans) on why they love her so much, this was done during her homecoming and we decided to share now cause it’s her birthday week 😁

Read it all below;

Pep Jhay: I love Tacha because she is very vibrant, very strong, bold, doesnt gossip, relentless, she is not a twofaced person, she is just Tacha and just herself, she is business minded and has positivity around her, She is one girl that i look up to and she doesnt compete with anybody.

Classic Jay; I love Tacha so much because of her confidence and the confidence level is out of this world, i love her because she is contented with what she has, she doesnt imitate any other person, she is lively, she takes everybody like her own, she is herself and i love her for who she is.

Tom west: I love Tacha because one she is a calabary girl like myslelf, sh is a queen like myself, she is beautiful, she is black, she is bold, she is everything a man needs in a woman. Tacha is thick, she is factory fitted like four wheel drive, she is a goddess, She is one in a million and Tacha is Tacha.

Maureen; I just like her for who she is, she is herself, she doesnt fake, she is real based on her character inside that house she was been real to herself. i love everything about her and i love her for who she is.

Janet; I love Tacha so much not just for anything although she has her flaws but she has this clean heart and i think if you dont step on Tacha’s toes she wont relax and if you have any poblem with Tacha it wont take you how many minutes she would just resolve it. Tacha is a free spirited person and i love that about her, in summary Tacha is sweet and she keeps to her word.

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