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This is why Unemployment is a problem in Nigeria

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The Unemployment situation in Nigeria is a serious problem and it gets worst every passing day, many youth has strenously worked to get job but to no avail. Some scholars have stated that  Unemployment can be seen as a case which arises from improper foundation, preparation, laziness, parental influence, poor certificate, fear, anxiety or desire without a pull corrupted government, total dependance to government and lack of job which lead to inability to secure job.

Unemployment can be exprienced when one has low self esteem and illiteracy. Disability leads to unemployment some companies employ workers who are healthy enough and has complete parts of the body. Poverty and extortion done by employees. Social vices like arm robbery, kidnapping, money, ritual, murder, pipeline vandalism, cultism, drug and human trafficking, fraud e.t.c we are been experienced today because of unemployment. Sadly after toiling years in different institution hoping that you will get a job to provide and carter for yourself and family you are faced with unemployment.

There is breakdown of laws, family disintegration , embarrassment given by family members and neighbours may lead to suicidal act that is bad reputation. There are loss of lives and property, insanity and some diseases are experienced such as cardio related disease .there are changes in thinking perception.

To abolish unemployment is to curb other social vices. Encourage and advice those who do not have job so that their mindset will not change to immorality which will affect and impose danger in our community and nation at large. Youths shouldn’t depend on government works only, work to create job for government and employ peoples, extortion of money and bribery by employees should be eradicated, study hard to get a certificate you can defend and avoid exam malpractice.

For government to save the situation, they should create youth empowerment program and also create job opportunities. Young ones should be taught enterpreneurship work and create free education scheme to enable the poor to go to school. if unemployment continous there will be a corrupt mindset for the growing youths which make the society worst than the former.

By Nwode Ejikeme Jostanley

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