This is how President Buhari responded to the death of Madam Abuh

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Madam Abuh of People Democratic Party death was very painful and got the attention of the internet, she was burnt to death during Kogi state election last week.

Well President Buhari had this to say about the case;

I expect nothing less than a full and thorough investigation into the gruesome murder of Madam Achejuh Abuh, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader in Kogi State, during the recent Governorship election.

The security agencies must ensure that Justice is served without fear or favor. The evildoers must be brought to justice, irrespective of whatever allegiances they hold.

We must learn to behave decently, whether during elections or at other times. No life should be taken wantonly under any guise. The fact that this reprehensible act occurred two days after voting shows primitive behavior, which should not be accepted in a decent society.

I deeply sympathize with the family of the late Madam Abuh. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

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