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This is how Late Sani Abacha looted funds would be spent + what Nigerians think of him

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Up till now they are still looted funds from former President Late Sani Abacha, today reports came in that some of the funds he looted has been recovered.

Late General Sani Abacha was a Nigerian army officer and de facto president between 1993 until his death in 1998.

He laundered money through the US into the Channel Islands and now that money has been recovered.

The money was put in accounts held in Jersey by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British Virgin Islands company.

The money is now being held by the government until authorities in Jersey, the US and Nigeria come to an agreement on how it should be distributed.

Any money that Jersey does keep will be put into the Criminal Confiscation Fund, which is used to pay for a variety of projects. In the past the fund has been used for the new police station and developments at La Moye Prison.

It is expected that even more money held by Doraville is likely to be seized and paid into the Civil Asset Recovery Fund in the future.

Below is what Nigerians think of Sani Abacha after the report was released;

All this money Abacha stole, was he planning to run away and Goan start his own Nigeria.. like maybe Nigeria + or Nigeria edge. 

Abacha is a legendary yahoo boy 😂

Abacha didn’t loot abeg, he opened a kiddies savings account for Nigerians which you can only withdraw after 10 years. Abacha comes through always

Take it or leave it Abacha is the greatest of all time. All hail the Reservoir of this era.

But wait,when abacha was hiding all those funds why did this foreign Banks not reject it,this ones already used it for business, now we are hearing the evening news… Who’s the real thief though? 

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