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The worst things they said to Linda Ikeji…Read

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So Linda Ikeji was accused to have took down the Ricco and Don Chima’s rape story off her website which she posted first and guess what the internet didn’t keep calm.

See the worst things said to Linda Ikeji after her actions;

I believe Linda ikeji has a reason why she took it down,we shouldn’t crucify her for it,same Linda sacked her longest employee and friend when he was accused for rape..Activist no be saint..

….the girl. With absolutely no proof or justification, a lot of individuals here on twitter went and made a ridicule of the mans business, in claims that he released his son and paid Linda ikeji to take down the story, none of this stories were actually proven by anyone

The article isn’t factual. Nobody ever confirmed they were released, police statement says they weren’t. The only thing that is certainly true is that Linda Ikeji took it down. Outrage clearly clouding your judgement.

She was raped Her story went viral The story died down . Linda Ikeji blogged the rape story The story went viral She was paid off and she in turn deleted the post . What can you learn from the story ..

The people who report Rape Accusations here on the TL have been Vindicated today. The Police saw a rape video & released the Rapists. Linda Ikeji that will rather die than delete stories deleted it. Video deleted, Rapists Free’d, The rape victim suffers double tragedy

So Linda Ikeji can actually be asked to take down a story and she went on and actually removed the rape story? But some of her intellectually challenged fans will converge and form voltron for her and remind you that she has money and we don’t. A Poverty mentality is a disease.

In summary the internet is not nice….

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